The Keepers of Goshen’s Story . . . Who Are They . . . What Is Their Story?

Taught by Ron Hoke

Class begins 2/21/2018, ends 2/21/2018

Feb 21; 1:30 p.m.

Concealed in the basement of the old Adams Store at 124 S. Main St., in the drawers, on the mezzanine shelves (and sometimes in plain sight) are bits and pieces of Goshen’s 186 years as a community. Overseeing this collection since before 1981 has been a fairly small but very dedicated group of volunteers named the Goshen Historical Society. They have but one goal … to preserve and tell the stories of Goshen’s past and its present as well. The purpose of this brief program is to introduce you to some of the individuals and their tasks, as well as introduce you to the current activities that the society offers and in which they participate.