The Art of Life, Illness & Death

Taught by John Blosser

Class begins 3/1/2018, ends 3/9/2018

2:00-3:30 The very human experience of illness, death and dying has arguably inspired works of art for ages. We will examine some of the more significant works of literature and visual art that were born of these circumstances. Believing that clarity and hope may be found in the products of healers, survivors, and the grieving, the course will be broad in scope, interactive in nature and accessible. References and hopefully useful and interesting resources will be made available. As Professor of Art Emeritus from both Goshen and Hesston Colleges, John was invited to teach a course to nurses enrolled in the Goshen College RN to BSN degree program. Soon a number of friends expressed interest in this material, and thus this short LLI course was born!