Swashbuckling, Slapstick and Swordfights: A Journey to Penzance

Taught by Marcia Yost – Coordinator

Class begins 3/12/2018, ends 3/21/2018

10:00-11:30 In our journey to Penzance, you will learn to know the pirates and the parody. You will venture into the realm of Gilbert and Sullivan as they created a whole new art form that became the basis for the dawning of the modern musical comedy. Expect to have some fun and learn not only about this show but a bit about the process in bringing a show to the Umble Center stage. You will be delighted with the music, and you will be inspired to share your best pirate “aarrrgghhh”! Marcia Yost has directed over 40 musicals. She is currently the Director of Arts at Goshen College supporting the arts in Goshen and around the state.