Selected ‘Neglected’ Old Testament Women

Taught by June Alliman Yoder

Class begins 9/25/2017, ends 10/4/2017

Sept. 25, 27 and Oct. 2, 4; 10:00-11:30

This class will encounter 11 women from the Old Testament. Many of the names we recognize, but we do not know much about them. We will look at each woman’s story as it appears in scripture, then focus on what we see and hear in each story and how that new understanding might influence how we live our lives. Our intention is to help resurrect, unbind, and breathe new life into these Old Testament women. Each student is encouraged to bring a Bible along—any version you like. June Alliman Yoder is Professor Emerita of Communication and Preaching and has also served as a guest preacher, public speaker, and storyteller.