Milkweed Pods, White Margarine and Ration Stamps: Stories We Tell and Why We Tell Them!

Taught by Jep Hostetler

Class begins 2/14/2018, ends 2/14/2018

Feb 14; 1:30 p.m.

For those of you in your 70s or older, the title will likely cause you to remember stories about each of these items. But for a story to have value, it must be told in a way that holds the attention of the listeners. We will present simple suggestions for you to go back in time and recall how you personally related to these items. Stories arise out of our memories to be embellished, tweaked, told with a flair, and enhanced to educate and entertain. This session will be lighthearted and interactive to enhance your ability to tell a story that is meaningful with the possibility of including humor and drama in ways that promote understanding and community. Join us and learn to tell your stories.