“Just wondering: how does God work in our lives?”

Taught by David Janzen

Class begins 1/15/2020, ends 1/15/2020

January 15
1:30-2:30 pm at Greencroft Community Center, Jennings Auditorium

After a small tornado damaged a nearby school, a friend of mine said he thought God had spared Greencroft from major damage with a kind of protective shield.  I wondered about that…does God really select the location of natural disasters?  Does God bring good or bad events in our lives? There are many Bible stories that indicate divine action but also human freedom to choose.
Despite these questions, I’ve experienced two events in my family in which I believe God was at work. Both involve loss and blessing.  I’ll share these stories and invite audience members to contribute their own experiences.

About David Janzen
David Janzen is a native Kansan, He graduated from Bethel College (North Newton). And is the youngest of 5 children born to a school teacher and small-town doctor. He moved to Indiana following his girlfriend Cindy Wedel who attended Goshen College. They are married 49 years and have three sons and a daughter-in-law.  David was one of the founders of Fellowship of Hope Mennonite Church in 1970 which began as an intentional community. He worked in social services and human resources for not-for-profit employers, retiring from Goshen College in 2011.  In 2013 he moved to Greencroft from Elkhart due to his spouse’s Alzheimer’s.