Galileo, Darwin, Fauci, Collins: Can Science and Religious Faith Cohabit?

Taught by Duane Kauffman

Class begins 9/28/2021, ends 10/7/2021

Sept. 28, 30, Oct. 5, 7 | 2-3:30 pm

Are vaccines safe? Are the Genesis 1 and 2 accounts compatible with science? Did Darwin make religious faith unnecessary? Why are some people of Christian faith leery of, if not hostile toward, science and scientists?

In the first session we will address the characteristics of science, the Bible as a source of science, and the types of evidence we bring to science/faith discussions. In session two we will explore barriers to communication and the role of bias and misinformation. In session three we will address philosophical and scientific issues that appear to cause threat to Christians. In the final session we will consider some contemporary sources of science/faith tension, e.g. climate, vaccines, the teaching of evolution.

Duane Kauffmann is a retired professor of psychology and instructor in marine biology at Goshen College.