Follow the Lamb, not the Beast: The Book of Revelation Then and Now

Taught by Nelson Kraybill

Class begins 4/29/2019, ends 5/8/2019

The last book of the Bible generates speculation and
mischief, but can comfort and guide us today. Join
Nelson Kraybill in examining first-century historical
realities that stand behind this mysterious book. With
images and stories, Kraybill will show what the book
of Revelation may have meant to its first readers, and
explore ways we can give allegiance to the Lamb and
the new Jerusalem today. J. Nelson Kraybill is president
of Mennonite World Conference. He has lectured and
preached about Revelation on four continents, and is
author of Apocalypse and Allegiance: Worship, Politics and
Devotion in the book of Revelation (Brazos, 2010).