Ecclesiastes, the Bible’s Self-Help Book

Taught by Richard A. Kauffman

Class begins 11/6/2017, ends 11/15/2017

Nov. 6, 8, 13, 15; 10:00-11:30

Some ancient rabbis argued that the book of Ecclesiastes shouldn’t be included in the Bible because it lacks references to key biblical themes. Martin Luther maintained Christians should read it every day, because it debunks sentimental piety. There is no “all things work together for good” in this book. Considered part of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes looks directly at the absurdities and complexities of life and death and doesn’t blink. What appears on the surface as doom and gloom can turn to delight and joy in living. While certainly a pre-Christian book, it is not an anti-Christian one. It should be on anyone’s list of best self-help books. Kauffman recently retired from Christian Century magazine where he served as book review editor and has served as an instructor and pastor.