Be Calm and Gamelan

Taught by Marcia Yost

Class begins 5/28/2019, ends 6/6/2019

10:00-11:30 in the Goshen
College Union Center
The Nyai Oyer Gamelan at Goshen College will be
the topic of this class. You will learn about the gift and
its road to Goshen. You will also learn about the role
of the Gamelan in Indonesian arts and culture. The
class will play the Gamelan and learn about the various
instruments. This class will meet in the Union Building
where the Nyai Oyer Gamelan is currently housed. All
can play the Gamelan regardless of musical skill level –
even non-musical folks are welcome! Come to make
and enjoy the beautiful sounds of Indonesian music.
Enrollment in this class is limited to 30 members.
Marcia works along with Deb Detwiler to administrate
the Nyai Oyer Gamelan.She is currently the Director of
Arts at Goshen College.