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LLI 1 – Orthodoxy and Heresy

Marlin Jeschke

Class begins Mar 02, ends Mar 11

We will consider the various ways Christians have debated theology ever since the Reformation.

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LLI 2 – Conscious Aging

Tonda Martin

Class begins Mar 17, ends Mar 26

We will explore stereotypes about aging as well as develop, reflect, and celebrate the different aspects of the third phase of our life.

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LLI 3 – An Encounter with Hymns

Mary Oyer

Class begins Mar 30, ends Apr 08

We will be studying the unique and infinitely varied forms of language and music of today's most-loved hymns along with their close relationship with the visual arts of their time period.

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LLI 4 – Our Amazing Digestive Tract

Robert Summers

Class begins Apr 13, ends Apr 20

We will discuss the anatomy, causes and diagnoses of many GI problems that afflict many seniors as well as ways to prevent or treat these problems.

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LLI 5 – Contemporary Issues in Christian Faith

Don Blosser

Class begins Apr 22, ends Apr 29

Christians hold a variety of beliefs, yet we do not always understand how others think, and why. We will consider these and many other related questions.

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LLI 6 – Latino Arts and Culture

Nayo Ulloa

Class begins May 04, ends Mar 13

We will consider what it means to be both American and Latino via music, stories, poetry, and painting.

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LLI 7 – Caring for Family Heirlooms

Liz Fisher

Class begins May 19, ends May 28

This course will feature information on how to preserve and document your cherished family heirlooms.

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