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Children’s Literature: Lessons for Life

Beth Berry

Class begins Apr 04, ends Apr 13

Whether you relate to children as a grandparent or in a myriad of other relationships, you will still enjoy exploring books for the younger set. You may even be inspired to write your own story to share.

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Hymns of the Western World and Beyond

Mary Oyer

Class begins May 09, ends May 18

The poetry and music of hymns will be the emphasis of this class. They will be supported and enriched by examples of visual arts (painting, sculpture and architecture) that are related in historical period, style, or subject.

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Julius Caesar

Ervin Beck

Class begins Feb 29, ends Mar 04

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the life of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), we will study Julius Caesar, his classical tragedy, via selected texts, DVD scenes, and a full-length performance.

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Spring Wildflowers

John and Joann Smith

Class begins Apr 25, ends May 04

Join wildflower enthusiasts in leisurely and educational wildflowers walks. We will meet at Rieth Nature Center, 410 West Plymouth Avenue, for an introduction and short walk. Other sessions will also meet at Rieth to form carpools to other wildflower sites.

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The Art and Practice of Jewish Spirituality

Jim Brenneman

Class begins Mar 21, ends Mar 30

We will explore the roots of the sacred in everyday life, the ways in which both divine presence and divine absence are expressions of the spirit, and the truth that life is meant to be lived in the here and now.

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Theology, Economics, Law & Psychology

Victor Koop

Class begins May 25, ends Jun 03

What should you know about each of these four disciplines? This key question will be addressed by a practitioner in each of these fields; Jo-Ann Brant, Delmar Good, Victor Koop, and Lisa Koop. They will also discuss how conventional wisdom sometimes misrepresents their disciplines.

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Water-Essential for Life

Ken Horst

Class begins Mar 08, ends Mar 17

We will explore the role water plays in our lives; why water is essential to life itself, where it came from, and what essential role it plays in agriculture, weather, energy production, and industry.

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