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A Glimpse into Goshen’s Guilds

John Hertzler

Class begins Oct 19, ends Oct 28

We will hear representatives of five Goshen Guilds in which they will highlight their activities, and will display or share some of their creations.

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Absurdist Drama and the American Dream

Ervin Beck

Class begins Nov 03, ends Nov 12

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Christian Communities of the Middle East

John Lapp

Class begins Nov 16, ends Nov 23

We will explore the geography of Christians communities in the Middle East, the secrets of their survival, and their current jeopardy.

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Festival of Carols

Mary Oyer

Class begins Nov 30, ends Dec 07

We will study the music to be performed at the annual Festival of Carols at Goshen College on December 4, 5, and 6.

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Mennonite-Catholic Connections

Glen Miller

Class begins Sep 22, ends Oct 01

We will explore current connections between Catholics and Mennonites through stories of intermarriage, living peaceably as neighbors, teaching in each other's universities, and joining hands in each other's service agencies.

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Poetic Forms

Wilur Birky

Class begins Oct 05, ends Oct 14

We will consider ways in which poetic form may express culture or era via samples from different liturature.

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Psychology and Daily Life

Duane Kauffmann

Class begins Aug 24, ends Sep 02

We will discuss what it means for psychology to define itself as a science in the context of applied topics in developmental, clinical, experimental, and social psycology.

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The Book of Job and its Tradition

Paul Keim

Class begins Sep 09, ends Sep 18

We will explore the various uses of the Job tradition in religion and culture, and suggest ways in which it remains a vital resource for pondering the meaning of human happiness and suffering.

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