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Festival of Carols

Mary Oyer

Class begins Nov 28, ends Dec 05

We will study the music to be performed at the annual Festival of Carols at Goshen College on December 2, 3, and 4. Class guests may include some of the directors and student performers, as available.

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Inspirational Women & Men

Larry App

Class begins Oct 03, ends Oct 12

We will examine the lives of a variety of inspirational men and women, inspired by Eric Metaxas' two books Seven Women, and Seven Men.

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Jesus: His Family, Friends & Followers

Jacob Elias

Class begins Sep 19, ends Sep 28

We will explore how Jesus related to his own family and his followers, including his mother Mary, Peter, Mary Magdalene, and "the beloved disciple." We will also consider how James the Lord's brother, the disciple Peter, and Paul the apostle got along with each other after Jesus' death and resurrection.

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Retirement Past, Present, & Future

Mark King

Class begins Oct 18, ends Oct 27

Over the past 100 years the concepts of life in retirement have changed, and the next 50 years will bring even more significant changes in how we experience these "golden years."

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The Growth of the Church in the Roman Empire

Alan Kreider

Class begins Nov 02, ends Nov 09

We will look at the early Christians attractions, note their stance of "patience," and tell stories of outsiders who found a home in their life and worship. We will make extensive use of early Christians writings and works of art.

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Women Artist Now

Judy Wenig Horswell

Class begins Sep 06, ends Sep 15

The focus will be on active artists of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century. These active artists, some familiar and others less so, will be selected to represent a range of media, technique, subject matter, perspective, and national origin.

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World War II & Elkhart County

Kelby Rose

Class begins Nov 14, ends Nov 21

World War II touched the lives of millions, gave shape to the 20th Century, and is a popular topic among historians. But often the most compelling stories are found in local communities. With local documents and artifacts, Director Kelby and his staff from the Elkhart County Historical Museum will illustrate its effect on our own community.

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