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Another Look at Paul

Jacob Elias

Class begins Oct 20, ends Oct 29

If the apostle Paul were to listen to our conversations about his letters, would he approve, or be appalled? We will focus on how Paul told his own story, and how he viewed the life and teachings of Jesus

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Energy: Sources, Distribution, Uses

Ken Horst

Class begins Oct 06, ends Oct 15

What are our primary sources of energy? How do energy distribution systems work? Where does all this energy go? These and related questions will guide our high school level exploration of the basic physics, economics, and politics of our demand for energy.

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Festival of Carols Music

Mary Oyer

Class begins Dec 01, ends Dec 08

We will study the Christmas music to be performed at the annual Festival of Carols at Goshen College.

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From Socrates to the Big Bang

Carl Helrich

Class begins Sep 08, ends Sep 17

We will be studying the intersection of science and religion from the beginnings of science to the 21st century. We will begin from before Socrates and move through history to present day.

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Goshen College Mainstage Drama: Euridyce

Doug Liechty Caskey

Class begins Nov 11, ends Nov 20

The Goshen College mainstage play, Euridyce by Sarah Ruhl, is a contemporary drama partially based on the ancient Greek story of two young lovers, Euridyce and Orpheus - here told from Euridyce's point of view.

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Healthcare Ethics

Anne Hershberger

Class begins Aug 26, ends Sep 04

We will consider some of the many complicated healthcare issues that we all may face, and that require informed analysis and response.

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Prisons, Politics, and Poetry

Vic Stoltzfus

Class begins Nov 17, ends Nov 26

The U.S. locks up a higher percent of its population than any other country. We will review changes in our prison system, barriers to re-entry into society, the impact of the "felony" label, and responses of both major political parties.

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The Psychology of Religion

Duane Kauffmann

Class begins Sep 22, ends Oct 01

We will explore the history of a range of issues on the frontiers of psychology as a scientific discipline.

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