How Our Program Works

We provide short educational courses for seniors, and a free lecture series in winter that is open to all.Currently, we offer a series of classes in the spring, another series of classes in the fall, and a lecture series that takes place in the winter which is open to all for free. Our mission to is to provide an enriching learning experience that we can all grow through.

We accept both members and non-members for course registration. The difference between the two is basic – members pay an annual membership fee, but receive 50% off all courses and one free course per year. So if you take two or more courses per academic year, you save with a membership.

Use the step-by-step process laid out below to register online.


Decide if you'd like a membership

As mentioned above, you do not need to be a member to register for courses. However, we certainly encourage it if you are planning on taking multiple courses with us.

As members, you will:

  • Pay an annual fee of $50. You will never, ever be auto-billed for this.
  • Take your first course free
  • Receive a 50% discount on all courses that you register for.
  • Be placed on our mailing list to receive the latest and greatest news about our courses, programs, lectures, and discounts. Don’t worry, you can always opt-out of receiving information!

If you’ve decided that membership is for you, you can purchase it on the membership sign up page.


Select Your Courses

To find the courses you would like to attend, simply visit the shop page. On that page, you will find all of the courses that you can sign up for at this time. If there’s nothing there, don’t worry! We’ll be sending brochures and emails out as soon as we have more courses available. Remember, as we mentioned before, we list courses in both the spring and the fall. During the winter, we will have a posting for our winter lecture series which is free and open to the public.

There you will find a course description, the dates and times of meeting, and the location.

If you would like to sign up for the course, simply click the add to cart button and your course will be placed in the cart. You will be taken to the cart page, where you can either proceed to checkout to pay for your courses, or you can use the top navigation by clicking “Sign up for Courses” to add more courses to your cart!


Checkout and pay online

Checking out on our website is simple, straight-forward, and secure!

When you are on the cart page with all of the courses you would like to take, simply click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. You will be taken to a new page with a summary of what you are paying for.

Also on that page will be a section where you can enter your payment information. Currently, we accept all types of Credit and Debit cards. We do not support PayPal payments, nor Google Wallet payments. After entering your information correctly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the final button to wrap up your order. Your credit card will be processed and billed at this stage.

For security purposes, we never store your data on site. We use to process your transactions – they are the most commonly used and reputable credit card processing service on the web. We also secure the transaction with SSL. In simple terms, it would take a hacker more time than the universe has existed to steal your information – in other words, it’s not possible.


Save the email receipt

After you’ve completed your purchase, you will be sent an email containing your receipt. Please save this in your email or print it out. It will assist us in helping you provided you would like a refund, have any questions about your account, or need support on any issues with your transaction.

It will also contain a link to your account profile, where you will be able to view the classes that you’ve purchased. From there, you can click on the course to find the date and time location for your classes.


Show up for class!

Now, after all of that, there’s only one thing left to do – show up to your course! As mentioned before, you will be able to find the date and time of your class meetings in your account profile. Simply use the “Member Login” button on the top of all web pages to log in to your account.

In your account, you will be able to view previous orders which will contain links to the courses you’ve purchased. On those pages, you will be able to remind yourself when and where you should be to attend your classes.