Current Classes

Midwinter Lecture – Living La Bonne Vie

Rachel Shenk

Class begins 2/13/2019, ends 2/13/2019

La Bonne Vie (The Good Life) is the name of a column written by Rachel Shenk. Rachel was born and raised in Belgium, then came to Goshen where she started Rachel’s Bread, a European inspired...

Midwinter Lecture – Miracle in the Making

Kevin Deary

Class begins 2/20/2019, ends 2/20/2019

Kevin’s world began in the Irish Catholic neighborhood of Boston. Poverty was a fact of daily life. He can remember signs in the store windows that read: “Irish and Blacks Need Not Apply.”...

Whose Land – Indigenous People or Settlers?

Luke Gascho

Class begins 3/4/2019, ends 3/13/2019

The history of land in North America is most
commonly viewed only through the eyes of people who
settled the continent. The sessions in this series...

Know the Show Before You Go!

Marcia Yost

Class begins 3/7/2019, ends 3/21/2019

2:00-3:30 Jennings Aud.
Mar. 20, 6:00 Dress Rehearsal at GC
“Bright Star,” this year’s spring musical at Goshen
College, was first produced on Broadway in...

Sustainable Farming: Harmony with the Land

Marcos Stoltzfus

Class begins 3/28/2019, ends 4/4/2019

Plenty of farms raise crops these days, but how many
farms seek to incorporate not just goats or tomatoes …
but also oaks and frogs in the scope of...

Family History for Beginners: the Joy of Finding Skeletons in the Family Closet

Loren Johns

Class begins 4/16/2019, ends 4/25/2019

Why do family history? We will explore why people get
interested in family history, discover the joy of finding
some “skeletons” in the family...

Field Trip to Merry Lea

Marcos Stoltzfus

Class begins 4/12/2019, ends 4/12/2019

Join us for a field trip to the Sustainable Farm nestled
within Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center’s
1,189 acre nature preserve. Merry Lea staff...

The Joy of Doing Family History at the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

Curt B. Witcher

Class begins 4/24/2019, ends 4/27/2019

​Apr. 24; 1:00-4:30 Intro at Jennings Auditorium
Apr. 27; 8:30-7:00 Field Trip to Allen Co. Library
Everyone has a story; discover yours by learning...

Follow the Lamb, not the Beast: The Book of Revelation Then and Now

Nelson Kraybill

Class begins 4/29/2019, ends 5/8/2019

The last book of the Bible generates speculation and
mischief, but can comfort and guide us today. Join
Nelson Kraybill in examining first-century...

Be Calm and Gamelan

Marcia Yost

Class begins 5/28/2019, ends 6/6/2019

10:00-11:30 in the Goshen
College Union Center
The Nyai Oyer Gamelan at Goshen College will be
the topic of this class. You will learn about the...